KopperK (kopperk) wrote in baby_lust,

New QOTD: Spacing between babies

How far apart do you plan to space your children?

We haven't really talked about it much but now that we have been trying for a little over 9 months for #1 I don't think we will try to prevent for very long after #1. Might change my mind after #1 though! :)
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I want my kids to be about three years apart. That way the older one will be more independent and (hopefully) toilet trained by the time I have the second.
I always thought 2.5-3 years would be good, but we want three, are almost 30 already, and haven't even STARTED trying to make #1 yet, so I think we're either going to be faster than that or have less, or both.
We are thinking 3 years, right now :) Of course we don't have any yet, so who knows?

For me, the thoughts on 3 years are mostly financially motivated. Two in college at the same time would be tough. Also, my brother and I are 18 months apart - and for me, that was a little too close when we were growing up. I love it now though! (Even though it's more like I'm the big sister than the little sister, but that's a whole other story!)
probably 2-3 yrs apart
Two or so years. There were six years between each of my sisters and it was awful. I never felt like I had a sister, I felt like had children. I want my kids to be close enough to get along when they are older...
2 years. DH is a lot older than me so we don't have a lot of time. Still hoping for twins!
I've always said 2.5-3 years. Being exactly 2 years apart from my sister sucked. Although it could have been just *MY sister* that made it suck. We still don't get along.

But then, now that I'm older, and no FH/DH in sight, I'll be lucky if I HAVE kids at all!!
2 years or so, as I'd prefer to not be pregnant and still be breastfeeding. :)
We haven't really discussed the time between kids. It will probably be about 3 or 4 years between each. At this point in time I am not considering being a SAHM, so I don't know if we could afford to have 2 kids in daycare at the same time.